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A to J Connections: Harajuku Day’s One Year Anniversary

Written by Rikachuuable

We are so thankful to say that our friends over at A to J connections had made a post to celebrate and commemorate our success at achieving a year since Harajuku Day’s creation! It truly means a lot to us at Harajuku Day that we have had such a grand impact on the lives of those around us, and we are very thankful to have been able to make such unforgettable friends and memories through these past few months. Staff members Manuel, Hikaru, Kaz, Eunice, and Paloma have all helped support and push us forward to continue doing what we do here at Harajuku Day. They have helped us whether it’s to publicize us during our first steps as a media and press group, or to vocalize any slander or copy cats trying to depict us negatively or unprofessionally. We are thankful to say that we are affiliated with them as fellow media, and that we also are happy to support them and its creators and staff.

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