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Anime Impulse 2017

Written by Rikachuuable

January 14th – 15th (Pomona, California)

Our team at Harajuku Day have been looking into attending more local events and conventions in the Southern California counties. Although our team primarily holds our meetups at areas familiar to the Los Angeles County (primarily Little Tokyo), we have noticed our attendees enjoy our meets along with our press and social media coverage at other larger scale events and conventions such as Anime Expo (AX) ,  CoastCon, and Pacific Media Expo (PMX). An event that we are currently looking forward to is a convention in Pomona, California!

Anime Impulse is an event held in the Los Angeles County area, and is held at the Los Angeles / Pomona Fairplex on the 14th and 15th of January, 2017. This will be the second annual event that occurs concurrent with the Asian American Expo as it shares the same location. The guest list at Anime Impulse is a rather impressive one for its second year alone.

Source: Ely Cosplay

With guests of honor such as Danny Choo, and confirmed appearances by international cosplayers such as Ely Cosplay and Phil Mizuno, actors and voice actors like Gaku Space, and Christian Howard.

Source: Ely Cosplay

On the fashion scale, there is a variety of fashion icons that we are looking forward to seeing. From well known fashion bloggers and media influences like Essy Noir, Amy Nguyen (ammish), Stephanie Yanez, Amber Arden (who is also a well known cosplayer in the scene), and Bernadette Bentley.

Source: Essy Noir

Fashion designers and seamstresses such as Cyril Lumboy of Dolldelight, and Lauren Matesic of CastleCorsetry will also be at the event while having their own respective panels and possible meet and greet opportunities. We are extremely excited to attend the event as there will be fashion shows held on both days of the convention as well.

Source: DollDelight

On Saturday, January 14th at 4:00p.m. there will be a fashion show and panel for the designer brand DollDelight. For us, it’s very exciting as some of our attendees and friends will be modeling and we are always excited to show our support for them, and for Dolldelight.

On Sunday, January 15th at 3:30p.m. there will be a fashion show for Le Geek So Chic. Although we are not familiar with the designers who will be presenting at the event, the photos that we had found from last year were all fun and enjoyable to look at.

We are extremely excited for the event, if you will be attending definitely let our team know! Unfortunately we won’t be able to hold a meetup at this location, but we hope that the coverage that we will be sharing will make up for it. At the event, we would also like to take the opportunity to photograph any j-fashion or alternative fashion enthusiasts that we see in order to feature them on our social media and here on the blog.

On a more personal scale, last year when I had attended the event it was a very lax but fun, easygoing, and lively one. The food was extremely delectable, and there was a lot of merchandise of every variety to peruse. Events shown on the main stage indoors and outdoors were both very impressive and fun to witness as well. In general, I definitely would recommend attending it whether you’re attending as a j-fashion enthusiast, a cosplayer, or a casual attendee as there’s always something for everyone.

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