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Fickle Wish Grand Opening

Written by Rikachuuable

On the 8th of January, Fickle Wish, a store located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo Village finally had its grand opening after much anticipation by both the shop, their shop girls Audra, Ona, and Mabel, along with all of the local Japanese fashion enthusiasts from both the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

At the event, many individuals gathered together to both celebrate the grand opening with the inviting deal for the first couple of customers to get a free complimentary gift with their purchase. Lines formed outside of the storefront just hours before in anticipation for the opportunity.

What’s particular about Fickle Wish is that it is a physical store in which fashion enthusiasts and lovers of brands that are only available online or overseas are sold. Individuals now have the capability to go into the store and peruse through the inventory from brands such as ACDC, Galaxxxy, and more. Another fun aspect of the shop is that they have started to carry more items that are particular to indie and local handmade shop owners and crafters in Japan that weren’t available for purchase overseas. This now allows members of the community to be able to have an item of their favorite artist that’s well known in Japan, and to support them financially on top of following them via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

The hype for the store’s opening was definitely exciting as there were a large amount of people in attendance, but with the excitement surrounding the announcement of popular musical artist Slimegirls, attendees of the event gathered and lined up for their favorite electronic beats.

If you’re interested in visiting Fickle wish, here’s their address:

319 E 2nd St #122, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 291-9892

And be sure to follow and support them via social media as well.





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