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Los Angeles Harajuku Fashion Meetup No. 11

Written by Rikachuuable

Rather than having one of our usual meetups at Weller Court in Little Tokyo, we wanted to have a more intimate, yet still fun and easygoing one. In the end we decided on having a picnic at Grand Hope Park, a couple of blocks down from Little Tokyo. As Marc Amba states in an album, “Eleventh meetup of the Harajuku Fashion Meetup hosted by Harajuku Day but with a Halloween twist!”. We encouraged our attendees this time around to coordinate a look of their own with a spooky (or “spoopy”) and Halloween inspired aesthetic. It was so great to have everyone attending as well. Both familiar and new faces came to our picnic, and many brought fun treats and foods to share with us all. We hope to have a similar event like this again!

Thank you for the Photos Marc Amba of Mambastic photography!

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