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Los Angeles Harajuku Fashion Walk @ Anime Expo 2016 Photos & Review

Written by John Woo

I can’t believe that Junnyan was present at the Harajuku Fashion Walk at Anime Expo this year. It was so surreal. It was almost as if we were doing the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Harajuku.

This is the second year that there has been a Los Angeles Harajuku Fashion Walk.

Last year’s fashion walk was sparked by Junnyan while he was in Japan.

It was dubbed International Harajuku Fashion Walk day last year in July and Los Angeles was just one of many fashion walks that occurred around the world simultaneously in places like Brazil, Singapore, Germany, and many more places.

Although the International Fashion Walk didn’t happen this year, we were fortunate enough to have our very own Harajuku Fashion Walk with Junnyan, who was so friendly, funny, and full of energy while often rallying up the crowd for some more “Silly” or “Funny” group shots as you’ll see below.

There was lots of decora, sweet fairy kei, vintage, pastel, Shironuri and lolita’s of every sub-genre imaginable.

Below are the first photos from the Harajuku Fashion meet at Anime Expo Los Angeles 2016.

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