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Los Angeles Harajuku Fashion Meetup #15

Written by John Woo

We didn’t let the biggest storm of the year stop us from having our 15th Los Angeles Harajuku Fashion Walk and Meetup in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles on February 18th, 2017.

We also didn’t expect to have such a great turn out because of all the reports coming in the day before of trees falling over onto freeways and houses.

Luckily for us, the morning after the storm opened up a beautifully clear window where we even saw some sunshine around the afternoon hours.

Although we could have had the meet up in our usual spot in Little Tokyo at Weller Court, we decided to stay indoors just in case and spend the meetup inside the Little Tokyo Galleria, which offered a nice change of pace from Weller Court down the street.

But let me stop there and get to what you really came here for, the photos from the event!

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John Woo is a Los Angeles Photographer that specializes in fashion, cosplay, travel, and food photography.