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San Diego Harajuku Fashion Walk & Meetup No. 1

Written by Rikachuuable

John and I, along with Manuel of A to J connections had set out on a journey to travel from the Long Beach area of Los Angeles County all the way down to San Diego to attend one of the most anticipated meetups of the Orange County and SoCal scene. Due to timing issues on our behalf, we ended up getting stuck in traffic for 3-5 hours from what I remember. As excited as we all were for the meetup, we all were super disappointed that we didn’t make it in time! Thankfully we still caught a couple of lolitas lingering from the event, allowing us to catch this lovely photo. We apologize to anyone who was hoping that we would be able to make the event (especially as free buttons were being offered out according to John), but we sincerely appreciate and would love to attend another in the future (and be on time!).

If you are from or are near the San Diego area and are interested to attend events, follow the organizers via their social media!

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