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The Invasion is Coming To Ronin-Expo – An Interview with Bitter Black’s Enigma and Raven

Written by John Woo

Have you seen Enigma and Raven out at our past Harajuku Fashion meetups?

Find out more about their band’s music, manga, and aesthetic in this interview that we did with them in preparation for Ronin-Expo in Little Tokyo on June 10th!

Enigma and Raven have been coming out to the Harajuku Fashion meetups for a while now and we got a chance to interview them for their upcoming show at this year’s Ronin-Expo on June 10.

Bitter Black, a theatrical powered rock group whose story driven music plays like an anime with each track being it’s own chapter and each album reading like a complete manga ushering new members into “The Invasion”.

We ask Enigma and Raven about their influences, aesthetic, what to expect at Ronin-Expo, and much more in this interview.

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