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Sebastian Masuda Time Capsule Workshop Pt. 1

Time after Time Capsule review—from 12-3pm!

For a lot of us in the j-fashion community, no matter what country you live in, Sebastian Masuda is an idol. Mr. Masuda is the founder and creative director for Harajuku based brand 6% doki doki, and known for his amazing use of colors and textures in his art work and designs! His style and the style of his shop girls and models are styles to look up to and draw inspiration from, so when we heard Mr. Masuda was coming to Los Angeles, we were incredibly excited! To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 42nd birthday and the arrival of the Time After Time capsule collaboration with Sanrio, we all got our best hello kitty clothes and accessories and went all out!

Trisha and I arrived to the Japanese American National Museum about half an hour before the event, and were immediately greeted by model and shop girl Yuka walking across the room with a big smile on her face to greet us and complement our looks! Our hearts were already about to explode by how friendly and nice she was, and how great she looked! We then caught our first glimpse of Mr. Masuda, who was helping a large group of school children participate in the Time Capsule event! It was such a pleasant way to start our day, and it only got better!

We then lined up for the Capsule Workshop! We were joined by our wonderful Harajuku Day regulars, and they were dressed in their cutest outfits for the event, rocking their 6% doki doki and Hello Kitty items in seamless coordinates! It was great to see all our members decked out and full of excitement!

Walking into the event, we were seated in small tables and chairs which were reminiscent of childhood craft tables in elementary school, and for some reason that got me even more excited for this project! We were greeted by the host along with Mr. Masuda and Yuka, and were told that this workshop was a letter writing workshop! We all got to work, writing a letter to our future selves that is to be opened in twenty years, and the capsule that contained them will be turned into a huge sculpture to be debuted during the Tokyo Olympics! Twenty years seemed like a huge amount of time, but I was afraid that either too much had changed, or not enough, by the time I read my letter. I remembered that, with the Harajuku Day one year anniversary just around the corner, so much can happen in such a short amount of time, so I was optimistic that everything will be changed for the better! We spent a lot of time writing and decorating our letters with the craft supplies laid out for us, filling the papers with notes recalling our past or our present, giving advice for the future, or words of encouragement such as “Never stop being kawaii”—and glitter, of course.

We rolled them up in plastic and sealed the ends with pipe cleaners, decorated them some more, then went to drop our letters in the capsule and pick up our extra gift of a Birthday Hello Kitty plush! John Woo and I presented Mr. Masuda and Yuka with our very last Harajuku Day buttons, and they graciously accepted and posed for pictures with them! To have a button I designed in the hands of people I looked up to made me so unbelievably happy!

Mr. Masuda and Yuka posed for pictures with the attendees and our letters, then helped us toss them into the capsule! Each toss was greeted with smiles and cheers from the staff and attendees—it was a close, personal experience with my friends, colleagues, and idols that I will never forget!