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Zippercut Presents Cirque De Marrionette

We had a WONDERFUL night at the Bob Baker theater at Cirque de Marionette which was hosted by the always amazing Zippercut.

It was a night for dressing up and having fun that included Fiesta! featuring skating sombreros, the Three Caballeros, some groovy cacti, and so much more.

Over 100 of Bob Baker’s celebrated marionettes are presented in his “in the round” cabaret style, with kids and adults of all ages an integral and interactive part of the performance experience. The production utilizes recordings from the familiar to the eclectic, and celebrates the history and culture of Mexico.

We highly recommend checking out this show if you’re ever in Los Angeles and looking for something different.

The Bob Baker Marionette theater is a beautiful cultural and historical landmark located right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and has been dazzling audiences since 1963, which makes it the longest running marionette theater and a must see experience in Los Angeles.

If Fiesta! wasn’t enough, Cirque de Marionnette also served delicious gourmet hot dogs by Dirt Dogs LA, Ice Cream, Animal Crackers, and the most delicious cupcakes ever!

And here are some of the talented vendors at the event (with links) below:

Celestial Circus Yuki Yoshida Fickle Wish Bling Up Ronova

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